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"Weasel Words"TM

When it comes to book contracts, publishers load them up with weasel words and phrases, strategically inserted to your detriment so that the publishers retain as much of your book's earnings as possible. The term "net price," for example, as opposed to "list price," will cost you $2,000 on every $6,000 your book earns in royalties for the life of your contract.

I receive calls from distraught authors who've signed away valuable book rights that they otherwise could have retained. You make your best deal with a publisher before you sign and send in the contract. Thereafter, your agreement terms are history.

Ghost With The MostTM helps authors gain favorable terms when negotiating with publishers. I am not an attorney; I am an author who has reviewed and negotiated 36 contracts for my own books, plus 25 contracts for revised editions, six contracts with association-based publishers, and 68 for other authors. I uncover every weasel word and weasel clause, and help you understand how each is designed to gyp you.

"Jeff -- We are feeling 1,000% better after your advice on the contract. (OK, so I'm a motivational speaker and sometimes tend to exaggerate ....) But you are truly awesome in your knowledge of contracts. After spending time on your website before our call yesterday, I can see why. Very impressive! Thanks, and happy weekend!"
-- Jean Katz, Baton Rouge, LA

"Thanks again for all your help. I think we put all of your info to good use on our phone call today. After reading your comments we are feeling even MORE proud of ourselves! We could never have done it without your guidance and advice. We'll keep you posted."
-- Connie Podesta, Plano, TX

For an affordable, one-time fee, I'll review your contract with you, line-by-line if necessary, and tell you what is and is not obtainable. If you so desire, you'll receive a recording of the entire contract review session. For a nominal fee, I'll even negotiate with the publisher on your behalf. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you're ready to capture your best publishing deal, you are a single phone call away.