If you need to get a book written, edited, published, marketed, promoted, translated, or sold, all the resources you want are available here.

The Book -- A Product That Reincarnates Itself in Many Ways

You may have noticed that Oprah isn't holding up CDs or DVDs yet; she has authors on her show all the time as expert guests and still holds up the authors' books, even though other forms of media have been popular for years.

When you have a book published, you automatically have the basis for a wonderful audio script. The book itself can be cut up into at least 12 and probably 24 articles. Every couple of years you can update your book with revised editions. You also have the opportunity to sell it in a growing number of foreign markets, particularly in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

As multimedia packages become the standard in our society, your published book will take on increasing importance. It is far easier to start with a book and then proceed to a training guide, a CD, or DVD, than to proceed in the other direction.

My most heralded book, Breathing Space: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society, is going to be published as a CD and will be published in 16 foreign countries. All of this happened because I had the physical book to begin with.