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Jeff Davidson

Proposal DisposalTM

Writing a successful book proposal is no simple task. In many ways, it's easier to write an entire book than a winning book proposal. Have you had your proposal(s) shot down by publishers or agents? Did you get discouraged and give up? What if you could gain instant help in turning your proposal into a document that makes publishers sit up and take notice?

odel your book proposal after a winning book proposal. I can help you avoid months of frustration and dead ends. Each of my 65 books is with a major publisher (none are self published). All told, my books have been selected 41 times by book clubs including the Business Week Book Club, Executive Program, Fortune, Graphic Artist Club, McGraw-Hill Engineering Club, Money Bookclub, Nurse's Book Club, Prevention Book Club, Writer's Digest Book Club, and Soundview Executive Summaries.

"Jeff has a remarkable talent for translating difficult concepts into understandable and enjoyable prose. The success of his many books speaks to his intellect, insight and communication skills."
-- Paul Dicorleto, Shaker Heights, OH

"Jeff is one of the most talented and prolific writers in business today."
-- Randy Pennington, Addison TX

My books have been translated 143 times, including in Arabic, Chinese (complex and simplified), Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

To shorten your path to getting published, I am offering copies of my winning book proposals. Don't waste time; use one of my winners as a guide in completing yours:


[  ] The 60 Second Organizer
[  ] Complete Guide to Public Speaking
[  ] 101 Internet Marketing Tips
[  ] Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing your Time

[  ] Market Yourself and Your Career
[  ] The Joy of Simple Living
[  ] Marketing Your Consulting & Professional Services
[  ] Checklist Management

[  ] Marketing to the Fortune 500
[  ] Marketing on a Shoestring
[  ] Avoiding the Pitfalls of Starting Your Own Business
[  ] The Marketing Sourcebook for Small Business

[  ] Marketing for the Home-Based Business
[  ] Selling to the Giants
[  ] 35 Ways to Make Your Bank Work for You
[  ] The Domino Effect
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