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Jeff Davidson

Particles to ArticlesTM

There is great value in having your articles published either in newspapers, magazines, professional journals, zines, or simply on your own website. It's likely that you already have the material for excellent articles. Alas, your ideas are currently in the form of notes, outlines, and half-worked articles, or in your head. Perhaps you've wanted to transcribe some of your speeches and convert the text to articles. Time passes, and you're still not generating a healthy volume of articles.

That's where Particles to Articles comes in. You can have four, eight, twelve, or more articles produced from your own materials within seven to ten days, without leaving your office, at an exceedingly attractive price.

On my way to getting 40 books published, plus 25 revised editions for 65 total books of my own, and 26 books written for ghost clients, I have produced nearly 1,450 articles. My articles have been published 3,880 times, in Management Review, Inc. Magazine, Working Woman, American Way, Computer News, Men's Health, Sales and Marketing Management, Successful Meetings, and Investor's Business Daily, and hundreds of other publications.

Post Vacation Blues Survival for Leaders

I will gather from you the notes, files, recordings, and other intellectual materials needed to craft excellent articles that will highlight you, your firm, your products, and your services. I will also record an interview with you so that we have your best and latest material.

"Jeff has a remarkable talent for translating difficult concepts into understandable and enjoyable prose. The success of his many books speaks to his intellect, insight and communication skills."
-- Paul Dicorleto, Shaker Heights, OH

"Jeff Davidson is a dynamic and brilliant communicator. I am astounded at his ability to write consistently impactful books that guide and encourage people to become more effective at connecting with others on a professional and personal level."
-- Linda Shields, Raleigh, NC

When we're done, you will have articles of 500, 750, 1,000, and 1,500 words, and more if you so desire. Don't waste another moment fretting about not having the proper articles about you and your firm. Let Ghost With the Most's Particles to Articles service handle everything for you.

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