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Using dictation equipment or voice recognition software can greatly enhance your writing output. Jefferson D. Bates, author of Dictating Effectively: A Time Saving Manual, years ago, however, pointed out that a huge obstacle many people need to overcome before using dictation equipment or voice recognition software is "dictaphobia." To overcome dictaphobia, he says, "Recognize that putting words on tape or capturing them on voice recognition software is as easy as talking to a spouse, neighbor or office associate." He recommends the following steps in overcoming the fear of speaking into a dictaphone:

If you still have hangups about getting started, take something you have hand written earlier and start reading it aloud.

There's yet another advantage to dictating. Once you become accustomed to the process, it can encourage unmatched creativity in your writing. The speed and freedom dictation offers makes it much easier to capture fleeting ideas -- and that's sure to pay off in concrete benefits to your career.