Convert your book's text into a script for any type of audio-visual product.
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Jeff Davidson

From Book to ScriptTM

If you've already written a book, a workbook, an article series, or a comparable body of intellectual material, convert your product into a script for Mp3, CD, or DVD.

C onversions can be arduous. You need to:

  • replace written language with listener-friendly language
  • skillfully convey essential information from charts, graphs, and exhibits
  • simplify passages not readily understood as spoken words
  • ...while maintaining the essence of the message
  • insert appropriate pauses
  • repeat key points to keep the listener focused
  • provide summaries to help the listener remain on track
  • remain within target word counts based on recording times and the media employed
Effective Charts
Getting into Print

Fortunately, Ghost With The MostTM handles all of this for you, and in 21 days or less.

"In the dictionary next to "prolific" is Jeff Davidson's picture. I marvel at his ability to produce successful books, articles, and other publications while at the same time keeping a brisk national speaking schedule. Jeff is a real pro with a great track record."
-- George Smart, Durham, NC

"Jeff is one of the most talented and prolific writers in business today."
-- Randy Pennington, Addison TX

If you haven't converted your written materials to other media, you're letting money sit on the shelf. At Ghost With The Most, we help you leverage your intellectual property by making it available to your clients and customers in the form that best serves them!

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