A book cover you'll be proud of and which readily conveys the subject and focus of your book to all others.
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Jeff Davidson

Book Covers UnlimitedTM

Why pay a small fortune for your book cover design when you can get it done quickly at an affordable price?

At Ghost With The MostTM, we know books and we know book covers.

We can design your cover based on:

  • Your description, right over the phone
  • Your table of contents or introduction
  • Your foreword or preface
  • Your first chapter or last chapter
  • Your chart or exhibit list.

In 2, 4, or 6 days, depending upon your request, we can establish a dynamite book cover for you that will capture the attention of your intended market at first glance. Also, we'll offer you variations on the basic theme, including modifications in color, title layout, and graphics.

"Dear Jeff, thank you for the use of your brain, instincts, experience, time, analysis, and PASSION. It was well worth the investment and more."
-- Tony Schiller, Chanhassen, MN

"It's been about twelve years since we last worked together. Hope things are going well for you. Sold my company about ten years ago; got a higher than average price because of your work in writing THE NEW OWNER. It elevated my partner and me to a high status within the industry, which I believe helped us command a premium price -- three million dollars more -- when we sold. A belated THANK YOU!"
-- Eric Voth, Akron, OH

The net result? A cover that others will admire. A cover that captures the essence of what your book offers.

If you need a good quality book cover quickly, and you don't want to pay through the nose for it, call Ghost With The Most.

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