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Jeff Davidson

Book HospitalTM

Does your book need major surgery? Or perhaps only a brief out-patient visit? If you face writing, researching, or editing problems, the Book Hospital can help in a hurry.

I am executive administrator, head surgeon, and operating room nurse. In all, I've written 40 books, all with major publishers, none is self-published; plus 25 revised editions; and six books with association-based publishers. Collectively, my books have been selected 41 times by book clubs including the Business Week Book Club, Executive Program, Fortune, Graphic Artist Club, McGraw-Hill, Engineering Club, Money Bookclub, Nurse's Book Club, Prevention Book Club, Writer's Digest Book Club, and Soundview Executive Summaries.

My books have been translated 143 times, including in Arabic, Chinese (complex and simplified), Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Hebrew, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. I also have had 3,880 articles published. Of greatest importance to you, I can "operate" on your book with the speed of a professional and with the care of a close friend.

If you're stuck in ANY phase of assembling your book, call and gain immediate peace of mind!

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